Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Crack on the Stone

We all hate the shot blockers protecting the rim, they’re those that turn our potential poster moments to their personal block party. They will always be the last man to beat on the defensive end altering your sweet looking shot attempt for a high percentage field goal. Manning the middle serving as the anchor on the defense is how we see them, that big bad man with a wide wingspan responsible for imposing on every wingman’s mind that scoring is never that easy. Hell yeah! But as they say, “there are a million ways on how to kill a cat,” which is very applicable even to those fearsome and perceived impenetrable shot blockers in the NBA. I ain’t got time to give you 1 million moves to beat Serge Ibaka, Birdman Andersen, Mt. Mutombo, and KG which is why I’ll have to narrow it down to 1. One move to get past these feisty defenders?! Yes, my friend and it’s not to wait until he’s bedridden – that’s silly. Well, in this edition or should I say in this only edition I’m dedicating it to the little man: point guards and shooting guards. 

Now boys take note. Never attack like you’re on a one-on-one situation unless if you have ups like MJ or Vince Carter. Well, if that’s the case you can take your exit now because this so high school for you. Remember, always play as team player. Get your team mates involved, if they have a better shot than yours, don’t be a schmuck, pass the ball, a lay-up or a dunk no matter how emphatic it is will only count as 2 points. It is important to use screens, curls, and more importantly, make yourself comfortable with the old but gold pick and roll. Google it! 

Now, to your most awaited part. What I’m about to teach is you how to beat a big man if the defense switched assignments momentarily or, as rampant nowadays, cross matched. 

1. Make a quick move be it a crossover or any hesitation move like the jab step to get him out balanced. If he loses his ankle and falls to the floor, cheers buddy, but if not, attack him on the side where he has to double time on getting back to protect your driving lane.

2. I assume you’re on your way to the shaded area now while he is at your tail ready for some nasty chase down. Once you’re close to the rim, step on the gas a little bit more to allow you to get a step ahead making him think that you’re up for a blow by. 

3. And lastly, fake it like you mean it. It’s every shot blocker’s weak spot – they fall for the fake. I say again, they fall for the fake. Once he’s up in the mid-air jerkily reacting how he got fooled and in the middle of nowhere, I suggest you avoid that “everything but the basket” to be on the Sportscenter and not on Shaqtin’ a Fool.

Here’s how they do it:

That's a young Steph Curry showing his moves on the Birdman.

Another one, this time, in the Finals.

 Ah... Just listen to Mark Jackson on this.

Lastly, Knee Wade... yah I mean that.
Enjoy while it last. That's the flash before a cold series against the Spurs.

Okay, I guess you boys are ready. Bear in mind that to become a successful scorer you need to be unpredictable in your approach. Practice those J's, post them up, move without the ball, and fake some shots. Open those eyes for possible shooters or cutters while you're driving and if that time comes, send that big fella to school now that you know the crack on the stone.