Saturday, September 13, 2014

If you crave for thrill then root for Serbia

Don't get me wrong. I am really not fond of watching International or European basketball because I'm used to the style of physicality and action the NBA type of gaming brings. The Serbian national basketball team which features Nenad Krstic and that guy you'll see below, Milos Teodosic, is one great exception.

You better watch out for this guy.
I have been a very big fan of underdogs and Cinderella stories in almost all sorts of sporting competition from boxing, to MMA, and to basketball - be it in the NBA or played internationally. This is why for the zillionth time, I am on the side of an obvious underdog for the 2014 FIBA World Cup Championship to be played between the Teodosic - led Serbian national team and the star studded USA men's national basketball team. But this is not just about the Americans overshadowing their opponents that made me favored the latter, it's what these Serbians are capable of doing when their backs are against the wall. I know this sounds weird but I find Serbia more exciting to watch than the USA. Cross-overs and alley-oops are entertaining but down the wire games and upsets are far more exciting over-all.

Watch my handpicked videos for them. I personally saw these games live and I was like... wow!

1.) Serbia vs Spain 2010 FIBA World Cup Turkey

When France knocked out the host country this year, it wasn't a surprise for me because 4 years ago Serbians showed the world how to beat the Spaniards. Rain them with triples!

2.) Serbia vs Turkey 2010 FIBA World Cup Turkey

Ahhh.... Their last run for the final two spot fell short against Turkey but they gave one of the best FIBA games in the history. Down the wire, I said.

3. Serbia vs France 2014 FIBA World Cup 2014

You heard it from the start of the video, keep your eyes on Serbia's number 4. This was their recent win against France to secure the final two spot of the tournament. Let's go Serbia!

There you go, buddy. Four years in the making and I hope this could be their year. On tomorrow's game between USA and Serbia, which squad you at? Let the title of this article guide you.