Sunday, May 4, 2014

Same spot, not the same result

ICYMI, Vince Carter sinks a shot against the Spurs that  he once took 13 playoffs before. Yeah that's right, it leads us back to the 2001 Eastern conference semi-finals against the Sixers. A pass from a former Raptor, Jose Calderon, just makes it much sweeter for redemption for the man who Canadians call as 'Air Canada.' I saw this clip on 'The Starters' and I'm glad to see VC was able to convert a very identical shot in which he missed on a do or die game during his prime.

Vince Carter may have been not the same man we used to watch but it's really exciting to see someone redeem himself all thanks for a pass right on the money and some pump fakes to create just enough space for the needed shot.

Hey, I was once a Carter fanatic until he had some issues with the management of Toronto Raptors and left. This shot really makes me look back at some of his highlights while he was still the best 'wing' man of the league. I also once thought "what if he made that shot against the Sixers?"