Thursday, February 4, 2016

Gilas Pilipinas Roster for Olympic Qualifier

An open letter by everyJUAN to Philippine Basketball.

Dear Basketball Gods,

 It's that time again when we get to watch our televisions as every nation parades and showcase their athletes competing in every sport, it's that time again when we get to witness the developed economies race on who's going to garner more medals for glory, it's that time again when we get to see more record setters and record breakers, and it's that time again when we could only wish that it was still 1996 – the  last time we won a medal. Please provide us luck this time. Yes, we bagged gold on Wushu at Beijing but that was a demonstration sport therefore not counted. Did your hear about how our boxing is in Philippines? It's world class, gaining accolades from almost every side of the globe. Manny Pacquiao? Yah, I heard his retiring, his last bout will be this April. Few rising stars can sure fill his absence but, for sure, PacMan's choice on hanging his gloves will surely be a big blow to Filipino pride so this brings me to promote what I believe is a sport that can actually create the same hype and frenzy like that of Pacquaio's fights. Imagine the whole nation caught on the edge of their seats as it watches the game, no traffic jams, and social media sites going nuts once again. No event captured the hearts of every Filipino and even some foreign spectators like how our Gilas Pilipinas squad did last FIBA World Cup 2014 with their amazing run. Would it be wonderful if our boys make it to Rio this year?

For us to make to Neymar's homeland and play against the elite gunners of basketball we need first to pass the test that awaits us in the qualifying round regardless of who are the teams Gilas will face. In line with that, I'd like ask your intercession so that big bosses up there will be enlightened by your divine grace so that they would allow some key players to participate in our campaign. We all know that to begin with our chances of winning against those basketball heavyweights are slim but don't count us out because we have almost completely stunned some juggernauts despite being a complete underdog in the last grand stage our Gilas squad has participated. Just a simple wish, grant this as an advance Christmas gift; this 12-man roster plus 1 reserve that I think will the best lineup for the Olympic Qualifier.

The Bigs:
1. Andray Blatche
2. June Mar Fajardo
3. Greg Slaughter
4. Japeth Aguilar

1. Gabe Norwood
2. Matt Ganuelas
3. Dondon Hontiveros

1. Jordan Clarkson
2. Bobby Ray Parks
3. Terrence Romeo
4. Calvin Abueva
5. Jayson Castro

1.  Ranidel De Ocampo 

The front-line list if realized will be a dream come true for every Filipino, the best list we could come up to match up France's solid big men. The boys manning the 3-spot are the best athletic freaks in our nation like Gabe and Matt while Dondon can stretch the floor and can also make some pretty good stops. And lastly, our guards could set the tone. I mean look at that! Bobby Ray Parks and Jordan Clarkson together?! Goosebumps.

Please help us with this. This we ask in the name of hoops, splash!

Laban Pilipinas.