Thursday, February 28, 2013

Game of The Year

Was eyeing for my first political blog and on a  lazy morning,  I was dead serious tuning in to ANC’s ‘Head Start’ as Karen Davila chit chats with Liberal party’s senatoriable candidate Bam Aquino. The conversation was great and I loved it, and before the break Aquino said something that caught my ear which I quote, “[Ninoy Aquino] was a great person. He was a big influence in my life. It’s not his looks but his bravery I want to emulate.” For a young and a promising politician, the more I tune in to his statements the more I am impressed to him but, as soon as I change channels on our local cable, three notches down on ANC’s channel was allotted to Fox Sports. And to my surprise, I saw New York Knicks, which is my favourite team since Melo changed his zip code FYI, about to host the visiting Golden State Warriors. I was just in time before the tip-off began because I could tell the Garden was still on the introduction of players.  Three years in service in the government, four years devoted to the study of public administration and the sense of urgency to come up with my first political blog; only basketball has that power to stray me away from all of that. Just to tell you in advance, if you’re thinking that I hit three notches up going back to that news channel, I did not, and if you’re expecting a political blog from me my friend – this might not be the right time because I am writing something as what the title says.

It’s not the return of Mark Jackson to Madison Square Garden, it’s not K-Mart’s debut as a Knickerbocker, not even Stephen Curry’s career night nor Chandler’s, it’s   the full packed adrenaline pumping action of the Knicks-Warriors game, as a whole, that deviated me from politics to what should be just a regular season game but turned out to be a candidate for the game of the season/year.

The Warriors, a day prior to their game against the Knicks, as part of their 2 day back-to-back East coast road trip, went toe to toe against the Indiana Pacers in which on that said game a fight broke out starting from an altercation between Indiana’s Roy Hibbert and Golden State’s David Lee which resulted to a one day suspension for the Warriors’ double-double demon and $35,000 fine for each of their two starting backcourts. “Didn’t think he deserved it,” Jackson on Lee’s suspension. “We’re a no-excuse basketball team, the team mission remains the same. The New York Knicks are our opponent and will act accordingly.”

Jackson and his boys were true to their statement on being a no-excuse team and acting accordingly as they gave a hell of a fight against the 3rd seeded Knicks despite being shorthanded. 

Since the tip-off, the game showed that in basketball size is not a requirement but it actually gives you an advantage as Chandler singlehandedly   surged his way on the board clearly outrebounding the David Lee-less visitors. Making matters worse for the Warriors, as they haven’t found answers  defensively on Knicks’ star forward, Carmelo Anthony, as he bullies his way to the paint no matter who they put on him. But the story of the game belongs to the highpoint man Stephen Curry of the Warriors. Setting a franchise record of eleven shots made from beyond the arc breaking Dorrell Wright’s record of nine and not just that, he  chipped in fifty four points – his career high thus far. When you say fifty four and you’re playing in MSG that only means that you just made an accomplishment of a lifetime; making it to a special group of men who shined bright in MSG.

To watch the list of men who scored 50 points and above in the Madison Square Garden, click here

There are shooters, there are pure shooters, and there’s this Stephen Curry. 11 of 13 three point shooting, 18 of 28 field goals, 7 dimes, all of that in a no rest 48 minute game brought to you by Dell Curry’s outstanding genes.

Looking at a historic shooting clinic I have one question for you. How can you stop that guy?

If you wonder why they still lost despite a stunning performance from Curry, ask me. I mean, with no bias Knicks put on a team effort to spoil Curry’s career night. Melo cashed in 35 points to go along with JR Smith’s 26 and Tyson Chandler’s monster night with 28 rebounds, a career high. Five from the Knicks were at least on double digits in the scoreboard contrary to the Warriors’ load distribution. Warriors being outrebounded by the Knicks on the stat sheet of 46-38 could also be a supporting fact to a heartbreaking loss.

I know that it sounds too awkward to anoint this as an instant game of the year/season due to the fact that even the Playoffs  hasn’t started yet and there are so many games to come that might exceed this games’ energy. But let me tell you this buddy, not so many games could happen on the right place and at the right time. Played in the world’s most famous basketball arena, career high versus career high, ‘half the size but twice the heart’ kind of game, the kind of game that puts you on the edge of your seat, and raw talent versus unwavering resiliency. Mentioned are just what makes a game ‘it’ and worth of a dissection from hoop addicts like you.

The game means a lot to both teams. For the young Warriors, a proof that makes them a team to beat even against the veteran teams, and for the Knicks, a good tune-up game for a very much anticipated bout against the Miami Heat this Monday (Philippine time).

It may or may not be as what this blog is entitled but this one totally deserves a spot for contention. If my words aren’t enough to push you to believe then, you’ve got to see it for yourself. I guarantee you that is a worth the watch because, for me, it’s so nice you need to see it twice.